Basic human needs

The most known classification of human needs comes from psychologist Abraham Maslow. He divided them hierarchically ordered into five components:

  • physiological,
  • safety,
  • love/belonging,
  • esteem and
  • self-actualization.

According to the thread of my blog I will set out more specific needs of these five.

Four basic human needs, given the current state in world population, are food, shelter, health care and education.

  1. Food and water are obvious fundamental needs to keep the body alive, because body needs nutrients and water to work properly. If the body gets enough nutrient and enough fresh healthy food you will keep it in good condition.
  2. Shelter (and clothes) is needed for warmth, privacy, resting and sleeping, implementation of hygiene, preparing and eating food, storing basic personal items, excretion etc… Without shelter and food we’re ineffective and we can’t develop further needs proposed by Maslow.
  3. Health care. Preventive health care is important to sustain healthy society. Health education and its implementation is crucial for life. Just with eating healthy fresh food and living under shelter you can improve your health. Insufficient or too much food leads to diseases, so adequate measure of food is important for health.
  4. Education is needed to improve and support sustainable production of healthy food, preserving clean water, building shelters, improve health in general, preserve environment and its biodiversity, learning to write and read … so to say – to acquire basic knowledge that will help us to live healthy and be balanced with self, each other and environment.

You can see how these four basic needs are connected to each other.

When the people’s needs are met than they tend to satisfy needs at a higher level of a scale. But at the moment the global level of basic human needs are not met. On the contrary. For many people, whose needs are met (food), suffer such us from diseases resulting from obesity.

Many people live without fulfilled basic needs and the humanity as whole can not progress to a higher level of needs – love/belonging, esteem and self-realization. Instead of meeting those needs on higher level, people (with satisfied basic needs) develop uncontrolled desires and forget about the rest of the population whose needs are not met.

Sometimes we forget to distinguish between needs and desires. This is why I write about basic human needs.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


12 responses to “Basic human needs

  1. Thank you for this very informative article. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Sabiu Abdullahi

    Thanks 4 given this information about human needs.tnx again

  3. dinesh nagarwal

    thanks for given information about human needs

  4. Yeah these are really the very basic and important needs. Education holds crucial point, of course. And this is also true that there’s hell of difference between desire & needs. Good write-up.

  5. Bankole damilola

    Simple and explanatery.

  6. Comrade Michael Arikpo

    This has help me and my students to understand this needs in a more simpler way,thank you very much.

  7. Thank you for the simple and very briefly information on basic human needs. But my concern is, what are the cultural forms develop to meet these needs?

  8. Intresting

  9. Lucas mbinga

    I would like to know what makes it different (need vs desire)

  10. that is very intersting

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