Will to good

We know, that something is wrong with economy. And we know that today’s economy is in fact chrematistics (money-getting). That’s why we are facing with financial crisis. We do not follow the purpose of economy.

Many presented solutions to solve the crisis are of the same nature which caused it. It is like that greedy people and institutions want to play the same game they played in the past with known undesirable consequences.

Politicians do not have the will to follow the purpose of economy. Will for the profit is stronger. But if politicians will not find ‘political will’ to do what is good for humanity who will then?

We, the people.

We as residents of the earth must find the ‘will to good’ and pressure on politicians to carry out laws and policies to end the poverty. We must also change our lives and our views on what and how we value our lives.

We must demand justice from politicians and from various institutions. We must start and express will to good in our lives. We must become active. It is not just our right, it is our obligation to demand and express ‘will to good’.

Will to good comes from people


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