Poor can think for themselves

I came across with a letter of S’bu Zikode who is the member of Abahlali baseMjondolo shack dwellers movement in South Africa.
This letter shows current most important problem humanity faces today. This is world-wide problem called apartheid between rich and poor, privileged and unprivileged. But I want to emphasize this problem from the psychological view.

Here is the excerpt of this letter which shows core of the problem:

There are many people who can only see the poor as dirty, dishonest, criminal, short-minded, ignorant and violent. When ever we organise and mobilise there are many people who can only see us as people who be being used by someone else and as people who are a threat to society. We constantly face all these stereotypes and prejudices. But with you standing with us many people’s minds are opened and we have a better chance of being recognised as human beings, human beings who are poor. We don’t ask for any special treatment. We just ask to be recognised and treated as human beings – human beings that can think and speak for ourselves like any other human beings.


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